"BusinessEtiquette.Paris has given me confidence thanks to my new-found knowledge of how to practice the rules of Savoir-Vivre."

(Young financial executive promoted to an international manager's post)



"Young contractor, the BusinessEtiquette.Paris seminars have helped me to avoid faux-pas in my professional and social life. I thank Geneviève d'Angenstein for her teaching and support."

(KM, Young entrepreneur)


"Since my passage at BusinessEtiquette.Paris , my life has changed ! The effects were total : my relooking, my way of speaking and of listening to others. Those around me in both my professional and personal life were very impressed with the positive changes. They say that I am a new woman..."

(D.L) Personal assistant to a CEO.


"These lessons have helped me in the success of my numerous professional and social functions that I must participate in, or organize."

(A. American International lawyer)


"Thank you so much for these fascinating, useful and l fun lessons."

(l. F. English newcomer to France)


"Excellent useful days for spent in courses !! All the trainees were delighted and interested."

(M.K Company group)



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