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NB: Considering growing expectations among professionals, we are pleased to announce that l’École de la Courtoisie et du Protocole (E.C.P.) is now-on working as full part of activities of BUSINESSETIQUETTEPARIS.PARIS.

For your convenience, is the single mail-box to get in touch with both Ecole de la Courtoisie et du Protocole and Businessetiquette.Paris


Living in harmony with people of different cultures can be a powerful and positive approach to Globalization.


All you need  is to follow expert guidelines.


The BusinessEtiquette.Paris Academy, located in the elegant, historical and trendy area of Paris, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, has been created to provide two kinds of learning :


- For those who wish to know the French codes of Savoir-Vivre to enhance the quality of both their professional and social life, or to take a step further and learn the "French Art de Vivre", through theoretic, practical, and fun lessons.

- For those who seek for their international career (international executives, diplomats, CEO/managers...) to master rules of French and International business and social Protocol, via individual or group sessions and seminars.



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